Get fit. Explore. Create. Compete. Make it your world.

YUR World® is your virtual world. Ignite your imagination and heart rate. Explore new worlds, compete, and map your progress. With YUR's community by your side, you'll never go it alone. Enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

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Get Fit

Track your progress in-game with YUR's virtual watch. A quick glance at your wrist tells you your squat count and calorie burn in real time. Connect to YUR's mobile app to view all of your VR and real life workouts in one place. Get even more detailed wellness insights from YUR's dashboard.


Explore fitness experiences created by the YUR community. Change your fitness environment or the targets you hit. Try out trending workouts created by our community.


Create your own experience, set your length and difficulty. Customize your environment and targets.


Compete against your friends and the YUR community in head-to-head fitness battles and monthly fitness challenges. There’s nothing wrong with a little competition to fuel the fire.



Friend or foe? Wield weapons to destroy the wall around you. But if you anger the beast, duck and cover.


Cool down and concentrate on connecting  objects in a row. Barriers will fly towards you to keep you on your toes.

Bug Bash

Think you have good reflexes? Work up a sweat and keep your mind sharp. Only hit the targets that light up in front of you.

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